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Top 10 Na Bansa na Nagbibigay ng Malaking Sweldo sa Mga OFW.

Unlike in the Philippines, looking for a job overseas is easier than you think. Because of the ever-increasing in-demand job abroad such as factory work, sales and accounting, nursing, entertainment, engineering, and tech, landing the right job is possible. All you need to do is to have the right information, diligently searching, you'll certainly find the job that best suits you.

There are a lot of countries that are beneficial to Filipinos. Not just for employment, these countries also assured OFWs their safety, career advancement opportunities, quality of life, and even future retirement, not to mention how Filipinos are known to be skilled and efficient.

Below is the list of 10 best countries for OFW to work in.

1. Singapore

Singapore is a very favorable place for OFWs. This country assures OFWs their safety, high wages, and various job opportunities. According to the 2015 HSBC Expat Explorer report, this South East Asian country provides a viable career progress with its stable economy. OFW can expect an annual salary of $162.2K (P8,712,654.10)

2. New Zealand

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer, New Zealand is the best destination for OFWs considering lifestyle, easy integration with locals, and finding accommodation. Highest paid jobs are healthcare such as nurses and medical assistant with a salary of Php 172,500 (US $3,461.15).

3. Canada

In Canada, friendliness of locals to foreign residents is one thing to be admired. Canada is a conducive place for start-up families as it is one of the countries that allow permanent residence for foreign workers with a required one-year continuous full-time job experience.

Highest paid jobs are healthcare such as nurses and medical assistant with a salary of Php 172,500 (US $3,461.15).

4. Australia

Australia has a strong, service-based economy, with mining and agriculture making up a huge share of exports. The country is the popular choice for OFW focused on new experience and for those living abroad for the first time. Filipinos will easily feel at home in Australia’s great climate, relaxing scenery, abundant leisure activity, and laid-back lifestyle of the good-natured Australians.

OFWs can expect an annual salary of $125.8K (P6,757,409.90).

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the top spot for OFWs for many years and will remain a leading OFW destination in the coming years. Overseas workers associated with the financial side of life enjoy the generous employment package in the Middle East.

Highest paid jobs are public relations or communication with a salary of Php 138,000 (US $2,768.53)

6. United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates provides many economic opportunities, career advancements, and generous employment packages. Because of the thriving economy, OFWs could expect high salary levels. There are tons of job opening available for the Filipino in Dubai such as customer representatives, baristas, domestic helpers, IT staff, and call center agents.

Highest paid jobs are healthcare such as doctors or diagnosis with a salary of Php 253,826 (US $5,093.84).

7. Qatar

Qatar offers many job opening such as caregivers, CAD operators, laborers in oil and gas, and domestic helpers. The POEA estimates a demand for labor in the country in 2015 to reach over 117,000 and employs 342,442 Filipinos today.

Highest paid jobs are avaition or aircraft maintenance with a salary of Php 209,700 (US $4,207.55).

8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the appealing destinations for OFWs. This is the place for OFWs who want to have the best career progress. Despite the estimated 16,000 Filipino domestic helpers now in Hong Kong, there are still job openings for engineers, drivers, and chefs.

The annual salary is estimated around $178.7K (P9,598,959.85).

9. Taiwan

Taiwan is a destination for those who seek the challenge and adventure that living abroad offers. The country is known to OFWs as a country that hires production operators, machine operators, and factory workers for electrical companies. There are also job vacancies for domestic helpers and caregivers.

OFWs can earn NT$ 29,000.00 (49636.94 PHP) to NT$ 31,000.00 (51348.56 PHP) as net pay.

10. United Kingdom

Today, about 220,000 Filipinos are living in the United Kingdom. The country is a popular destination for first-time overseas workers, with the country being likely to feel like home for OFWs especially those who want to acquire career advancement and experience the rich British culture.

Highest paid jobs are healthcare like doctors/diagnosis with a salary of Php 153,333 (US $3,076.15).

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