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Bata Himalang nabuhay matapos matupok ang Bahay nila

Toddler Survives Fire/ABS-CBN

Accidents do happen at anytime, anywhere and to anyone. Taking lives, inflecting injuries and making life miserable.

Toddler Survives Fire/ABS-CBN

A recent accident occurred at  Cubao, Quezon City wherein a 4-year old child had survived a massive fire that burned down their whole house.

It was a mystery as to how this young child survived the fire. According to her aunt, the girl has an 'unseen playmate' which might have saved her.

Toddler Survives Fire/ABS-CBN

In the report, it was stated that their house was made out of light materials which made it easier for the fire to devour the whole house down in an instant. Furthermore, the fire seemed to have started in the room where the young girl was in.

After an hour, the fire was out but nothing was left of the house. Everyone tried to put out the fire by splashing water all throughout especially the room where the young girl was located but couldn't reach out to her.

Toddler Survives Fire/ABS-CBN

Everyone helped out to search for her but wasn't able to find her. Even after the firemen got out of the scene, her family didn't stop searching. After 4 hours she was found by her grandfather with a good condition only having minimal injuries, she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Toddler Survives Fire/ABS-CBN

She was found at the corner of the room wherein she called out to her grandfather.

This was a miracle for everyone in the family because all the while they thought she was devoured by the massive fire too. For them it was the child's unseen playmate who have saved her; although they weren't sure what exactly this unseen playmate is but certain that the young girl talks by herself most of the time.

The incident report said that the fire was due to a left behind candle at the certain room.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Always check the facilities of your home if there are complications as to the wires and never let a simple thing cost lives.

Source: GMA News
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