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Misis Ng Seaman Nagalit Ng Madelay Ang Padala Ng Asawang Nasa Barko.


Working as a seaman is not an easy job to take. While their family is enjoying the money they send back home, the seafarer is enduring emotional struggles, celebrating holidays alone, and taking care of themselves alone when they're sick. Our appreciation and as simple as saying "Thank You" to them is such a happy pill that makes them regain strength to even work hard.


Recently, one particular seaman took to Facebook his brokenness after he greeted his wife, only to received cursing and complaining.

This seaman greeted her wife a "Happy New Year" but the reply he received makes him so broken inside. Instead of wishing him a "Happy New Year" in return, she immediately complained about the allotment she still didn't receive.


Forcing her husband to make a way, she told him that he should follow it up to the company because it's already January. She even enumerated her expenses. Read their conversation below:


She also told her husband to make a special or emergency cash advance. According to the seaman, he got no sleep because they're shifting. But instead, she told his husband that it is his fault and forced him to find a way.


Seafarers are also of the OFWs, a new breed of heroes who risk their lives outside the country, away from their family, in hopes that they could provide a comfortable and well-provided life to them. However, there are people who aren't that grateful for what they're doing.

We don't really know what they're experiencing personally and in their workplace but one thing is for sure, their family is the inspiration that keeps them going despite hardship and sleepless nights.


If you have a family who works as an OFW whether a seaman, take this time to message them and express how thankful you are and how you love them. For sure, they'll have a smiling face and renewed spirit to work even harder.

Misis Ng Seaman Nagalit Ng Madelay Ang Padala Ng Asawang Nasa Barko. Misis Ng Seaman Nagalit Ng Madelay Ang Padala Ng Asawang Nasa Barko. Reviewed by TNS Correspondent on April 25, 2020 Rating: 5

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